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Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra Duo Personal Sound Amplifier with HED021 Over-the-Head Headphone and EAR013 Single Mini-Ear Bud Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Wireless TV Speaker
Emerson Jumbo Size Talking Caller ID
List Price: $29.99
YOU PAY: $24.99
Save $5.00!

Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Wireless TV Speaker
List Price: $149.99
YOU PAY: $129.99
Save $20.00!

TRUEDIO Ears Wireless TV Headset System - TD-110 TRUEDIO® Ears Wireless TV System Headset Bundle - Includes 2 Headsets! SafeGuard Talking Atomic Watch with Stretch Band - Model 3955
TRUEDIO® Ears Wireless TV Headset System - Model TD-110
List Price: $149.99
YOU PAY: $129.99
Save $20.00!

Talking Atomic Watch with Stretch Band - Model 3955
List Price: $54.99
YOU PAY: $46.99
Save $8.00!

Hamilton CapTel 840i Closed Captioned Telephone
Hamilton CapTel 840i Real-Time Closed Captioned Telephone
List Price: $150.00
YOU PAY: $79.99
Save $70.01!

TRUEDIO® BX Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker & Hands Free Speakerphone
List Price: $69.99
YOU PAY: $30.99
Save $39.00!


Assistive Listening Devices, Hearing Amplifiers & Products for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Welcome to LIBERTY Health Supply and thanks so much for stopping by! If your visit has brought you in search of assistive listening and hearing devices designed for the hard of hearing or those with deafness, you are definitely in the right place. Here you'll also find a comprehensive collection of assistive listening devices, hearing protection equipment as well as earphones and in-ear monitors for musicians and those who just want to listen to music with clarity and comfort. We are committed to helping protect our customer's hearing and general health with a unique collection of products and fantastic customer service.

With more than 40 million people in the US suffering some form of hearing loss, statistics reveal that only about 20-percent are currently using hearing assistance solutions to improve the quality and safety of daily living. LIBERTY Health Supply started as a company to help raise awareness of hearing safety and assistance solutions.

Today, being shut out from the world of sound, being subject to the devastating developmental challenges as a child and loss of independence as an adult no longer need be. Current technological advancements allow for providing important life safety protection through smoke/fire detectors that strobe and vibrate, hearing amplifiers that allow for normal communication, wireless TV headphones that transmit directly to a hearing aid or wireless headset and even wireless Bluetooth cell phone amplifiers that do the same.

These highly advanced hearing solutions are creating a huge impact on the lives of those who have become aware of their availability, accessibility and affordability. We are glad you've found us and hope you find what you are looking for. Our desire is to be the best in customer service, the most trusted source for your hearing needs or the needs of those you love. LIBERTY Health Supply is committed to finding the best, most affordable solutions to address your hearing and health needs. Please call us at 800-991-6207 if you have any questions.