Find A gift for everyone in the family! 

 Gifts are meaningful. Gifts that improve your loved ones quality of life, will be appreciated on another level. With an extensive line of products that assist and enhance individuals lifestyles, you will be able to find a perfect gift. We all know how difficult it can be to find gifts for your loved ones during the holiday season. We decided to make your holiday shopping experience a little easier this year by putting together a gift guide for everyone in the family. Find a gift for mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or your significant other. The products in our gift guide range from assistive listening devices to help improve hearing at the dinner table to practice golf balls that can used inside the house. We hope you find this 2017 holiday gift guide helpful and the gifts make a difference in your and your loved ones life.    

Top Gifts by category


Perfect gift for individuals who enjoy watching television but struggles with volume control. Whether it's improving the clarity and volume for themselves, or reducing the volume to not disturb others in the household, this collection of television listening earphones and speakers will do the trick.

TV Listening Lamp Speaker

Let there be light--and sound! You can enjoy both in one innovative device--the Wireless Lamp Speaker. 

30% OFF


TV Listener Headphones

Simple/good system for stationary TV Listening. Listening area is limited to 50 feet within the location of the transmitter

40% OFF + Free Shipping


Sennheiser Set 840 RF

RF with one major difference, Sennheiser quality. They bring their quality of microphones and headphones to the TV Listening arena. 

                      30% OFF


Doro Universal Remote

Make a loved ones life easier this holiday season. The Doro Handle Easy Universal Remote does just that. A few buttons and a simple setup.

20% OFF + Free Shipping


TV SoundBox Wireless Speaker

By far the best selling TV solution on the market. The super lightweight design makes taking the TV sound to the kitchen or another room a breeze.

30% OFF


Audio Fox Couch Speakers

These over the chair speakers will enhance any users watching experience. Nothing to wear or recharge. Give that favorite recliner an upgrade. 

30% OFF



A personal amplifier (ear amplifier) helps make communication easier and more effective hearing aid alternative. Whether you opt for a pocket-sized PockeTalker with headphones/ear buds, or an around the neck, out-of-sight T-coil compatible unit, you'll find the increased volume and clarity of the world around you a huge improvement, having a positive impact on daily living.

Williams Sound PockeTalker

The Pocketalker Ultra is the number one selling sound amplifier by a long shot. Simple volume and tone wheel. Oh yeah... it's also backed by a 5 year warranty. Umm... yes please.

25% OFF


SuperEar SE5000

Easy to use with clear benefits. Limited features, but those looking for a basic amplifier will not be dissatisfied. This is a favorite among assisted listening centers for it's simplicity.

30% OFF + Free Shipping


SWS Sidekick Amplifier

This device has it's own bluetooth app. Customize it to your specific hearing needs. Wanna play music? Do it. Need to take a phone call? Take it.

15% OFF



Low vision is something most people have to deal with, no matter the age. This can make certain daily tasks inconvenient and difficult, like knowing what time it is. These products will speak the time for you with a push of a button! This is a perfect gift for your loved ones who are blind or have low vision.

Liberty Atomic Talking Watch

Perfect for individuals with impaired vision. The watch will speak the time, date, month, and year.

20% OFF + Free Shipping


Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm

Voice controlled reminder clock with battery backup that is simple and easy to use!

30% OFF


Single Button Talking Clock

This very simple talking clock is nothing but a button, making it extremely easy to find and to use.

40% OFF + Free Shipping



When in doubt, get a gift that supports your loved ones hobby. If your loved one is a avid golfer, we have a perfect practice golf bundle that will help improve their game off the course (which will make everyone in the house happier). Yoga is a fantastic hobby and if your loved one enjoys yoga, you know they can always use a new yoga mat. Once you're loved one is done with their hobby, icing is crucial to preventing injuries. Our Freeze Sleeve makes the whole process easy and convenient.

Practice Golf Bundle Pack

This gift is unique, affordable, and guaranteed to get used. Made by golfers for golfers. Inside the house or outdoors.

30% OFF + Free Shipping


Yoga Mat

Ideal for yoga, pilates, and floor exercises. Non-slip surface. Perfect for the gym or in home use.

30% OFF + Free Shipping


Freeze Sleeve Ice Pack

Icing after exercising is crucial - but we know how annoying it can be. This sleeve finally makes icing comfortable!

30% OFF + Free Shipping


Other Awesome Gifts!

Westone Custom Headphones

The CR10 is for active individuals who love their music and want to upgrade from stock stereo earbuds to headphone that perfectly fits into their ear. Perfect for travel, exercise, or motorsports, the CR10 is driven by a set of high quality drivers in a pair of full shell custom earpieces. Compatible with virtually any personal audio device.


Thumper Personal Massager

High quality massager for home-use or anywhere on the go. Its long ergonomic handle allows you to massage all areas of the body with ease with a penetrating tapotement action. The massager is easy to hold, manuever and operate.


3D Magic Pen

Creating hand-drawn, three-dimensional objects was not a reality before, but now it is with the all-new 3D Magic Pen™! With this new and innovative 3D printing pen, kids can turn their 2-dimensional fantasy in to 3-dimensional reality!


Sonic Alert Alarm - Bed Shaker

Do you or a loved one have trouble waking up on time in the morning? The extra loud 113dB alarm and attached vibrating bed shaker will alert anyone when it is time to wake up! Perfect for deep and heavy sleepers, people with various degrees of hearing loss, couples with separate sleep patterns, or anyone who has difficulty getting out of bed on time.