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Sufficient-C High Dose Non-GMO Vitamin C Lemon Peach Immune-Ade Drink Mix (125 gm)
Sufficient-C High Dose Lemon Peach Vit C Immune-Ade 125 gm Powder Mix

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Sufficient-C High Dose Lemon Peach Vit C Immune-Ade 125 gm Powder Mix (4.4 oz)

Get the daily Immune and Digestive Support that you need in this delicious Lemon-Peach drink mix.
Each scoop is packed with 2,000 mg of non-GMO vitamin C, as well as an essential dose of L-lysine , Bromelain and Teavigo green tea extract.

Ingredients & Health Benefits
Vitamin C - Supports healthy immune function, helps repair and regenerate tissues, protects the body against chronic diseases, combats free radicals that protect the body from a variety of cancers and helps maintain elasticity and vibrancy of the skin
L-Lysine - An Essential Amino Acid that helps the body convert fatty acids into energy, also helps in calcium absorption and collagen formation which are essential for bone, muscle and skin health. When combined with vitamin C, it can reduce chest pains related to heart disease. Also a very effective remedy for calming and treating cold sores.
Bromelain - Fights off free radicals that aids in the prevention of cancer. Helps treat a large variety of health concerns such as asthma, autoimmune diseases, cancer, sinus infections and helps with allergies
Green Tea Extract - (EGCG) a powerful anti-oxidant. Studies have shown that it has an anti-tumor effect and reduces inflammation including arterial inflammation that is known to contribute to heart disease.
Stevia - They've used the highest grade of stevia for a pleasant sweetness that unlike sugar does not impede vitamin C absorption.serving size: 1 full scoop

Ingredients: vitamin c 2000 mg l-lysine hydrochloride 650 mg bromelain (600 gdu/g) 400 mg egcg 50 mg
otherIngredients: natural flavoring, acacia gum, stevia, rice hull concentrate.

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Light & Refreshing. No artificial sweeteners July 7, 2016
Reviewer: Noah  
Love it. I have mostly dropped all sodas and now decided to switch to Sufficient C when I want something to drink more than just plain water. I'm also disliking artificial sweeteners and and looking for natural products such as this lemon peach drink with Stevia instead. Highly recommend. Give it a try, its worth the price.

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How come nothing else like this exists? July 7, 2016
Reviewer: Michael  
This product is very tasteful and exactly as advertised. It comes with a handy spoon inside. It's has a really long life, and the super amount of vitamin C comes in handy on days when I feel a cold coming on.

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My family loves it. Great source for vitamin C. July 7, 2016
Reviewer: Maria  
Tastes great. Now my whole family is hooked. What a wonderful product. Very rare to have a great refreshing drink as well as getting all natural nutrients. I get 16oz of drink from one tiny scoop. Tastes lemony & peachy, but light. Thank you for making this wonderful product.

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NO GRIT! This one is a keeper July 7, 2016
Reviewer: Jake  
Absorption, Absorption, Absorption folks! This one is a keeper. You can taste the stevia in it a little bit and it's not bad, pretty good IMO. If it's a bit to strong I just add a little water to my taste and WahLah. Tangy taste of lemon and peach and on ice it's pretty darn good! FULLY dissolves in water without any grit - NO GRIT - WOW!

Comparing to a pill form or a chewable tablet this is much easier on your digestive system and you are getting much higher if not 100% of the VIT C absorbed. I have noticed sustained energy throughout the entire day without peaks and valleys, I stopped having coffee after work because I don't need a pick me up now.

I want to say this goes down super smooth, it's like drinking a lemonade with peaches. Cant wait until my next glass...it's a refreshing drink.

I have tried other forms of powder VIT C and I find this one superior with no grid factor, nice taste and not the super tartness of others. I will definitely be buying this one again.

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Refreshing & Healthy July 7, 2016
Reviewer: Beth  
After using all kinds of vitamin C supplements, I am convinced that this one must be one of the best on the market. With 2000mg of vitamin C in each scoop, and Bromelain, which is found in Pineapples, helps reduce inflammation as well. Overall this product has really helped me reduce getting colds and makes me feel better overall. I bought this product not from advertising, but from a co-worker drinking it at work. At first I was skeptical as everyone thinks whatever they take works. But I have tried many supplements, and this one was the most potent! They must be using a very high quality and NATURAL ingredients with green tea extract. Tastes like a light lemony peach flavor. You can add more or less to suit your taste. Also contains Stevia instead of Splenda, which is healthier and more natural. Will buy more when I run low again. :) Thank you for making a wonderful product.

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