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LIBERTY strongly encourages all of its listeners to follow these simple guidelines that can greatly increase both your listening enjoyment & the lifespan of your custom monitors.

• Always store your monitors in the provided case.
• In case of poor sound quality due to earwax in the sound bore, use the included wax removal loop to carefully   remove the earwax. Never use any other object to attempt to remove the earwax as this may result in damage to the monitor and will void the warranty.
• Do not use the cord to remove the monitors from your ears. This may cause damage to the cord and result in poor performance. Damage of this nature is not covered by the warranty.
• Do not expose your monitors to temperature extremes. Avoid strong impacts to your monitors.
• Wipe down monitors after each use and never immerse them in water.

Please Note:
Moisture in your monitors can cause temporary performance issues. Do not insert your monitors if your ears are wet. Always dry your ears completely before inserting your monitors. Should you inadvertently allow water or perspiration into the monitors and they quit working, allow to dry completely before attempting to use again. Minor moisture build-up should dry out and not affect long-term performance. Extended exposure to moisture or submersion will result in permanent damage (not covered by the warranty).


If, after using your monitors, everything sounds muffled or if you hear ringing or buzzing, your ears are trying to give you a warning! These symptoms are normally associated with a condition known as Temporary Threshold Shift and are an indication of conditions that could lead to permanent hearing loss.

While no two individuals’ hearing sensitivity are exactly the same, there are established safety guidelines for sound levels versus time of exposure.

The chart below is based on OSHA’s (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) exposure information for industry. Remember that these guidelines are based on average hearing sensitivity. Your sensitivity may be above or below these levels.

dB Level
Maximum Exposure time
8 hours
4 hours
2 hours
1 hour
30 min
15 min
7.5 min

The use of any monitors offers benefits and risks. Westone custom monitors can lower ambient sound levels approximately 25dB when properly worn. However, the performance capabilities of the monitors can allow the user to negate the benefits of hearing protection from ambient sound. We want you listening for a lifetime!

Remember, personal hearing protection is your responsibility!