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100 Rounds of Barnett Slingshot Target Ammo .38 Caliber Steel Slingshot Rounds 140 Rounds Diablo Slingshot
100 Rounds of Barnett Slingshot Target Ammo
List Price: $20.95
You Pay: 16.99
YOU SAVE: $3.96!
.38 Caliber Steel Slingshot Rounds 140 Rounds
List Price: $26.95
You Pay: 21.99
YOU SAVE: $4.96!
Diablo Slingshot
List Price: $37.95
You Pay: 30.99
YOU SAVE: $6.96!
This 100 pack of Barnett Slingshot Target Ammo will keep you locked and loaded wherever you are.  Compatible with most slingshots, but matches best with the Barnett Brand Slingshots. Pack of 140 .38 Caliber Steel Slingshot Rounds The Barnett Diablo Slingshot is a top notch slingshot for a cheap price.  The wrist brace and soft touch grip ensure a sturdy handle on the weapon, while the magnum power bands send the ammo with amazing precision and speed down range.  Includes a full shooting guide.
Barnett Cobra Slingshot Pro Diablo II Slingshot Daisy P51 Slingshot Kit
Barnett Cobra Slingshot
List Price: $38.95
You Pay: 31.99
YOU SAVE: $6.96!
Pro Diablo II Slingshot
List Price: $46.95
You Pay: 38.99
YOU SAVE: $7.96!
Daisy P51 Slingshot Kit
List Price: $49.95
You Pay: 40.99
YOU SAVE: $8.96!
The Barnett Cobra Slingshot is an accurate, powerful slingshot for a cheap price. A forearm brace, counter weight, and tacky handle grips provide great stability. The Barnett Pro Diablo II Slingshot will have you taking down shooting in no time.  The easy-to-use sight system and weighted stabilizers ensure a quick and straight shot, while the detachable wrist brace and contoured "soft touch" grip provide a comfortable usage, especially in longer periods.  The Magnum power bands are strong and durable, and can send rounds downrange with great velocity.  Comes with a full shooting guide. The Model P-51 Slingshot Kit features the famous Model P-51 slingshot with its sleek, molded pistol-grip handle, flexible wrist support, durable, latex rubber tubing and rugged release pouch. Also included with this kit are all the accessories you need to make the slingshot fun last for hours: 1 replacement band, 75 count 3/8 inch zinc-plated solid steel ammo and 250 count 1/4 inch zinc plated solid steel ammo. Daisyâ™s PowerLine Slingshot Model P51 Kit is appropriate for adults and those over 16 years of age under adult supervision.** ATTENTION ** Residents of DE, IL, MA, MI, NJ, NY and OH - Please check your local laws for restrictions regarding air rifles or air pistols before ordering.